Volume 2
Number 5
September 1-15, 1997

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Have housing, will travel
Semitrailers hauled the last of UCSC's new temporary student housing units onto campus over the Labor Day weekend. The 19 modular houses are being installed at the future site of the College Ten residence halls. (More photos)

UCSC ranked 25th among public universities
In the 1998 "best colleges" guide produced by U.S. News & World Report, UCSC is ranked 25th in a new category comparing the nation's public universities.

Organizational expert offers tips to business, industry leaders
The most powerful forces shaping a leader's success are his or her self-confidence and the degree of trust a group has in its leader, according to a new book authored by social sciences dean Martin Chemers.

UCSC researchers attract record levels of extramural support
UCSC researchers received more than $45 million in contracts and grants during the 1996-97 year, by far the highest total in the campus's 32-year history.

Archaeologist, geochemist paired in unique research team
They come from different worlds and at times don't seem to speak the same language, but a UCSC archaeologist and a geochemist have built a bridge between their two disciplines--shedding new light on Native American activities in the 1400s.

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