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September 1, 1997

Awards and Honors

Two UCSC graduate students in sociology won awards from the Environment and Technology section of the American Sociological Association during the group's recent annual meeting.

Valerie Kuletz received the "Boguslav Technology and Humanism Award," which recognizes papers, dissertations, or books that deal with the relationship of technology to traditional humanist social concerns. Kuletz was honored for a paper that provides the introductory overview to her dissertation on the nuclear landscape of the American southwest. Her work examines the creation of the nuclear landscape by the national defense establishment, its health impacts on Native Americans, and attempts by Native Americans to organize and recover their land and their traditional conceptions of what land means and how it ought to be used.

Zsuzsa Gille was honored for writing the best paper by a graduate student in the section. Her paper is about the causes of environmental degradation in socialist societies, and more specifically about how concepts of "waste" have changed in Hungarian society from the socialist period to today. Gille has also been named a "Provost's Fellow" and will be teaching in the College Eight core course for the next two years.

Andrew Szasz, associate professor of sociology, advises both students.

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