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August 18, 1997

UCSC scientist earns grant to study Martian meteorite
A four-pound meteorite from Mars, known unromantically as ALH84001, rocked the world last year when researchers claimed it held evidence that life once existed on the Red Planet. Now, the National Science Foundation has awarded $800,000 for seven new projects to test that extraordinary claim in detail.

Arts & Lectures to become University Events Office
In a letter to the campus community, Executive Vice Chancellor R. Michael Tanner announces that Arts & Lectures has been reorganized into the University Events Office.

UCSC to host international conference on Quechua Expressive Art
Leading scholars in Andean Quechuan studies from around the world will convene at UCSC September 4-6 for the conference, The Quechua Expressive Art: Creativity, Analysis, and Performance. The conference features lectures, symposia, and performances.

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