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Volume 2
Number 4
August 18-31, 1997


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Scientists unveil the sensory and cognitive worlds of pinnipeds
[Photo of California sea lion with headphones on]
Years of careful experiments at UCSC have painted a fascinating picture of the sensory and cognitive experiences of pinnipeds--the four-flippered, amphibious carnivores that include elephant seals, sea lions, and harbor seals. (Full-sized photo)

Nation bears scars of the 'War on Drugs,' says UCSC sociologist
The "War on Drugs" and the crack cocaine scare that gripped the nation from 1986 to 1992 triggered the most massive wave of imprisonment in the country's history and eroded civil rights, say the authors of a new book called Crack in America: Demon Drugs and Social Justice.

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University receives $13.5 million in private gifts and grants
UCSC received more than $13.5 million in private support in the form of gifts and grants during the fiscal year that ended June 30--the highest total recorded in UCSC's 32-year history.

Archaeologist spearheads effort to preserve records of 'Peking Man'
[Photo of Gifford-Gonzalez with slide of skull]
One of the most impressive archaeological discoveries of the century threatens to fade from memory unless a grassroots effort led by UCSC's Diane Gifford-Gonzalez gets under way quickly. (Full-sized photo)

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