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April 10, 2000

Making the News

New findings about the diving strategies of marine mammals by biologists Terrie Williams, Donald Croll, Burney Le Boeuf, and their collaborators at other institutions received widespread news coverage. Williams, who led the study, appeared on national and local TV broadcasts (CNN, the Discovery Channel, ABC's Good Morning America, and KSBW) and on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. The story was covered by major national newspapers, including Newsday, the Washington Post, and the Dallas Morning News, as well as the San Francisco Chronicle, Monterey County Herald, and Santa Cruz County Sentinel. Foreign newspapers around the world also carried the story, including the Times, Daily Telegraph, and Guardian in London.

Jonathan Fox, chair of Latin American and Latino studies, was interviewed by the Miami Herald for a story about changes in Latin American studies programs, which the paper reported are placing a greater emphasis on current events and popular culture. . . . Guatemala's Siglo Veintiuno newspaper noted the publication by Fox's colleague Susanne Jonas of the new book Of Centaurs and Doves: Guatemala's Peace Process.

Spirit into Sound, a book coauthored by ethnomusicologist Fredric Lieberman and former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, continues to get the media's attention. The latest story was a feature in the San Jose Mercury News that appeared in the paper's "Religion & Ethics" section. The book was also praised by San Francisco Examiner jazz critic Phil Elwood, who said it "encourages contemplation; it's good for the soul."

The work of associate professor of mathematics Richard Montgomery was featured on ScienceNOW, a prominent online news site. Montgomery's analysis of the long-standing "three-body problem" showed that the orbits of a trio of stars bound by gravity could trace a figure-eight pattern through space.

Elaine Wheeler of the UC College Prep Initiative was interviewed by a Los Angeles Times reporter for a story about the program that offers online courses to high school students.

Each season UCSC's African American Theater Arts Troupe takes a production on the road. When this season's play, Long Time Since Yesterday, was performed at Merced College, the story was featured in Merced's Sun-Star. Along with profiling the play, the story mentioned that troupe founder and director Don Williams (who is UCSC's theater arts facilities supervisor) has raised more than $30,000 in scholarship funds since establishing the troupe in 1991.

Research conducted by David Fox, a postdoctoral researcher in earth sciences, when he was at the University of Michigan was reported in a New York Times story that also ran in the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. Fox found evidence of past climate changes in the fossil tusks of an ancient relative of elephants that lived between 15 million and 5 million years ago.

Channel 46 covered Life Lab's recent third annual spring conference for educators, which featured Congressman Sam Farr.

News of the new dual admissions collaboration between UCSC and 14 community colleges made KCBS Radio, Bay City News, and KSMS-TV.

Professor emeritus of mathematics Ralph Abraham was a guest on the KUSP Radio program Geek Speak. He discussed a series of classes he is offering to make mathematics more accessible to the general public.

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