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April 10, 2000


Dana Frank

Professor of American studies Dana Frank has received the Book of the Year award for 1999 from the International Labor History Association for her book, Buy American: The Untold Story of Economic Nationalism (Beacon Press, 1999).

Anne Levin, Lynn Stegner

Several UCSC affiliates made the annual meeting of the Academic Library Advancement and Development Network (ALADN) a success. ALADN is the major organization of academic library development officers. This year's meeting, which took place in early April at Asilomar, was titled "Library Fundraising in the New Century." The event featured a guest panel that addressed the topic of "Listening to our major donors: Why do they give?" The panel, organized by librarian Margaret Gordon, featured UCSC Foundation board members Anne Levin and Lynn Stegner, and was moderated by university librarian Alan Dyson. Stegner discussed the enduring value of books and why people would want to give to preserve them. Levin, who in 1995 established the Neufeld-Levin Chair in Holocaust Studies at UCSC as well as the Neufeld Family Archive at the library, discussed how important it is for the donors of major endowments to couple that gift with one to the library so that there is a strong collection to support the activities generated by the gift. Levin also spoke compellingly later on during a roundtable discussion on major donors.

Ken Kletzer, Yin-Wong Cheung, Dan Friedman, Menzie Chinn

The reach and impact of faculty in international economics continues to impress. Most recently, economics professor Ken Kletzer presented a paper, titled "Will Self-Protection Policies Safeguard Emerging Markets from Crises?," at the annual Financial Markets and Development Conference hosted by the World Bank, the Brookings Institution, and the International Monetary Fund in New York March 30-31. The paper will be published in a forthcoming Brookings volume.

Associate Professor Yin-Wong Cheung just left for a monthlong stay at the Center for Economic Studies in Munich. The center's program for visiting economists is the most extensive and prestigious in Europe. Cheung will be delivering several lectures on empirical studies of real exchange-rate dynamics.

Department chair Dan Friedman just returned from Japan, where he delivered the plenary talk, "The Viability of Vengeance," to the third annual Association of Evolutionary Economists in Tokyo on March 25. His talk drew more than 100 Japanese economists, as well as about a dozen from other countries. Friedman also gave talks to smaller gatherings of experimental economists in Tokyo and Osaka.

Associate Professor Menzie Chinn has been on the lecture circuit, delivering talks at the Swiss National Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the Swedish Royal Bank, the Tinbergen Institute in Rotterdam, the Center for European Integration at Bonn University, and Hamburg University, among other places. He also presented a paper, titled "Empirical Determinants of the Euro: Short and Long-Run Perspectives," at the Deutsche Bundesbank's Conference on Equilibrium Values of the Euro in Frankfurt.

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