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Sponsorship Support for Students

UC Santa Cruz thanks the underwriters for "Achieving Excellence Through Diversity" events, and sponsors whose generosity supports the Scholarships Benefit Dinner. They are vital partners in serving the mission of public higher education, and their support is an investment in our collective future. Thank you for being part of the UC Santa Cruz community as we create new knowledge and educate tomorrow's leaders.


Microsoft Corporation
Gordon Ringold (Crown '72) and Tanya Zarucki
Santa Cruz Sentinel

Gold Sponsors

Ramesh Bhojwani
Anne and Paul Levin
Pat (Porter '88) and Rowland Rebele
Thomas and Patricia Vani

Silver Sponsors

Denice Denton
Ken (Cowell '71) and Moira (Cowell '72) Feingold
Kamil and Talat Hasan Family Foundation
Paul and Anne Irwin
David and Rachel Kliger
Gary (Kresge '73) and Dona Novack
Ow Family Properties
Paul (Kresge '76) and Kristin Seeman
Rancho Chimiles

Bronze Sponsors

Anonymous Donor
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Ambios Technology
Barbara W. Canfield
Terry Davis and Andrew Weyman
Harriet and John Deck
Larry deGhetaldi (Merrill '76) and Lynne Sims
Kenneth (Merrill '71) and Katherine (Merrill '73) Doctor
James Fuller and Marsha Vande Berg
Aviva Garrett (Crown '75) and David Doshay (Eight '82)
Allan (Stevenson '67) and Nan Goodman
Paul (Merrill '72) and Karen Hall
Susan and Philip Hammer
Stoddard and Jeanne Johnston
Steve and Mia Kang
Stephen C. Klein (Cowell '72)
Bill Ladusaw and Ken Christopher
Kiran and Arjun Malhotra
Lawrence A. Moskowitz
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Richard S. Shaffran (Merrill, '71)
Robert and Karen Sinsheimer
Spalding Family Foundation
Loren Steck (Porter '73) and Annette Yee
Wells Fargo Bank