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Currents online accepts classified ads from faculty, staff, and students. The ads are FREE. Before submitting an ad, please read the policies and submittal procedure.

For Sale: 1985 Ford F150 XLT Pickup. 4X4, V-8, air conditioning, PS, PB, PW. Has shell and toolbox. Good condition. $4,200. Elise at 425-8667, before 9 p.m.

For Sale: Minolta SRT101 35mm camera with 58mm and 28mm lens, polarizing and other filters, and leather case. Takes great pictures. $100 obo. Robin, 426-0165.

Wanted: New home for two "special needs" cats. One gets along OK with dogs but not with other cats and loves people once she gets to know them; the other doesn't get along very well with either dogs or other cats and is very affectionate with people. Both were taken in as strays but cannot be kept for medical reasons. Call Kathleen at 476-6303 evenings and weekends.

For Sale: Records, 33-1/3 and 78, mostly classical, some folk and misc. Call Kathleen at 476-6303 evenings and weekends.

For Sale: "Birds in a Gathering Storm" (Jesse Allen print)--$800. Call Kathleen at 476-6303 evenings and weekends.

For Sale: 1993 Toyota Previa LE van. 90K miles, 3K on new brakes, tires. A/C, car alarm, cassette, seats 8. Runs and looks great. $12K O.B.O. Contact Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, dianegg@cats.ucsc.edu, 429-1449.

For Sale: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo Coupe 2+2. Power everything, air, CD, tilt roof, white, 5 speed, 105K, immac. $8,400/obo. Call Victor at 425-0399.

For Sale: Intel 486DX4 100mhz CPU with 850mb hard drive. Computer has 24mb RAM and a 64-bit 4mb ATI graphics card. Complete with 3Com Ethernet card. The computer is great for word processing and Internet use. $400 with lots of software. No monitor. Call 502-5674 or e-mail rubadub@cats.ucsc.edu.

For Sale: Achilles 12-foot rubber raft. Good condition. Floor boards need help! $80/OBO. Message phone, 475-5811.

For Sale: Tickets to Women's World Cup doubleheaders on 6/19, 6/30, and 7/4, at San Jose and Stanford. $45 per ticket. Call Catherine at 469-4834.

For Sale: Washer/Dryer set, white, Whirlpool, good condition, $300. PowerBook, laptop computer, 180 (Mac). Has all software and carrying case. Perfect condition, but a little slow. $350. Call Judy, 479-8599.

For Sale: Isuzu Trouper wheel cover, new condition, $30 (new is $90). HP Deskjet printer. Works perfect, old, but hardly used, $50. Call Judy at 479-8599.

For Sale: Backteck 1000 Back Machine. List price $1000, paid $800. Will sell for $500/OBO. Call Charles at 426-9929.

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