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Classified Advertising Policy

Currents online accepts classified advertising from UCSC faculty, staff, and students ONLY. Ads are free.

If you are placing an ad for housing wanted or offered, check out the services provided by the Community Rentals Program.

Ads submitted in connection with an off-campus business or for off-campus services will not be accepted. Ads that Currents editors deem otherwise inappropriate to the publication will also be refused.

Ads will be repeated as space permits and at the discretion of the editors. If an item does not sell or a "want ad" is not answered within a reasonable time period, Currents retains the right to not renew the ad.

Submissions should include only the most basic information and may be edited by the Currents staff.

Ads must include submitter's name, CAMPUS e-mail address, and home telephone number. Only the home number will be included in the advertisement.

Send ads to Mary Ann Dewey (dewey@cats.ucsc.edu).

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