Volume 3
Number 33
April 19-25, 1999

Dialing for scholars

Chancellor Greenwood joined some 120 campus volunteers over the past two weeks to extend a telephone-call welcome to UCSC's newly admitted underrepresented freshman and transfer students. The calls took place during the campus's annual "UC Santa Cruz Welcomes" event, sponsored by the Office of Admissions. Callers spoke to more than 2,000 students and their parents during this year's phonathon, logging some 8,000 calls.

Chancellor issues general message to the campus community

Politics professor coedits new book on 'ethnic conflict'

UCSC establishes formal ties with California Academy of Sciences

Political scientist to study the blues in Russia

Mathematics professor named Pew Scholar

Farm & Garden offers annual plant sale, herb class on first May weekend

Astronomer to speak on 'Cosmic Catastrophes'

'Art in the Arboretum' marks Norrie's fifth year


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Last Updated: 04/16/99