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Currents online accepts classified ads from faculty, staff, and students. The ads are FREE. Before submitting an ad, please read the policies and submittal procedure.

For Sale: Tickets to Women's World Cup doubleheaders on 6/19, 6/30, and 7/4, at San Jose and Stanford. $45 per ticket. Call Catherine at 469-4834.

For Sale: 1988 Pontiac LeMans, new clutch & brakes, AM/FM stereo, runs good, $2,000/obo. Call Emily 421-6770.

For Sale: Washer/Dryer set, white, Whirlpool, good condition, $300. PowerBook, laptop computer, 180 (Mac). Has all software and carrying case. Perfect condition, but a little slow. $350. Call Judy, 479-8599.

For Sale: Isuzu Trouper wheel cover, new condition, $30 (new is $90). HP Deskjet printer. Works perfect, old, but hardly used, $50. Call Judy at 479-8599.

For Sale: Backteck 1000 Back Machine. List price $1000, paid $800. Will sell for $500/OBO. Call Charles at 426-9929.

For Sale: Antique sofa, pale pink with wood trim and claw feet. Good condition. $300 OBO. Call Jenni, 458-2647.

For Sale: Tamron AF 28-200mm/f3.8-5.6 lens for Nikon camera. Excellent condition and includes UV filter, caps, and manual. $200/OBO. Call Bruce 479-3517 aft. 6 p.m.

For Sale: 1987 Nissan Sentra; automatic, AM/FM stereo, red, only 100K, runs great. $1,800/obo. Call Shaw at 423-1537.

For Sale: Butcher block maple table (seats four), $85. Queen size mattress/futon bedframe, with maple headboard, $75. Call Chris, 662-1346.

For Sale: Small refrigerator. Excellent for dorm or small studio. $50. Sean, 338-6041.

For Sale: Large wooden desk, $50 obo. Call Lynn, 462-9071, evenings.

For Sale: PII-400, 64 megs ram, 20 megs video ram, 2 video cards, 8 gig HD, 32x cdrom, 2x CDR, 17" monitor. The ultimate gaming system. $1,500/OBO. MUST SELL! Call Mike, 502-8913.

For Sale: 1986 Mazda SE-5 pickup w/125K. Bed liner, camper shell, AM/FM cass. Just had about $1,700 of work done on it. Asking $2,500. Call 502-5591.

For Sale: 1991 Mazda 323 SE; very reliable, only 77K, 5-speed manual, AM/FM stereo, white. The paint is not great; that's why it's only $3,000. Call 420-0467 (faculty housing).

For Sale: Metal office desk, good condition, $75; 7-foot floral-print couch, good condition, $75; excellent apt-size refrigerator, quiet & pink, $75; fax machine, $50. All prices negotiable. Call Lynn, 462-9071 evenings.

For Sale: '88 Mazda MX6. The bad news: needs front tires, right front CV joint, rear brake pads. The good news: new front suspension/brakes, radiator, water pump/thermostat, muffler, clutch, '91 rebuilt engine, under 60k, excellent cond. $1950 negotiable. Call Matthew at 429-5334.

For Sale: 1986 Toyota pickup. 113k miles. Runs excellent, very dependable. Includes a camper shell, although its not in such great shape. $2,400. Call 425-4746.

Wanted: An experienced gamer new to the campus looking for a gaming group on campus. I've played D&D, AD&D, Vampire, World of Darkness, Palladium, Robotech, Macross, Babylon 5, Runequest, Earthdawn, Cthulu, Mekton and am willing to try something new. Send e-mail to Matthew Kanninen at kanninen@cats.ucsc.edu.

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