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Currents online accepts classified ads from faculty, staff, and students. The ads are FREE. Before submitting an ad, please read the policies and submittal procedure.

For Sale: Metal office desk, good condition, $75; 7-foot floral-print couch, good condition, $75; excellent apt-size refrigerator, quiet & pink, $75; fax machine, $50. All prices negotiable. Call Lynn, 462-9071 evenings.

For Sale: '88 Mazda MX6. The bad news: needs front tires, right front CV joint, rear brake pads. The good news: new front suspension/brakes, radiator, water pump/thermostat, muffler, clutch, '91 rebuilt engine, under 60k, excellent cond. $1950 negotiable. Call Matthew at (831)429-5334.

For Sale: 1986 Toyota pickup. 113k miles. Runs excellent, very dependable. Includes a camper shell, although its not in such great shape. $2,400. Call (831) 425-4746.

Wanted: An experienced gamer new to the campus looking for a gaming group on campus. I've played D&D, AD&D, Vampire, World of Darkness, Palladium, Robotech, Macross, Babylon 5, Runequest, Earthdawn, Cthulu, Mekton and am willing to try something new. Send e-mail to Matthew Kanninen at kanninen@cats.ucsc.edu.

For Sale: 1988 MAZDA 323, a great car; runs good; very reliable and has been well loved and taken care of; 149K, $2,200; call 336-3330.

Wanted: Mountain bike, $400-$600. Contact Michael Brooks at ahriman@cats or phone 462-3470.

For Sale: Treadmill: Roadmaster Trimline 2200, commercial quality. Speeds to 10mph & hands-free incline to 10%. 4 years old. Runs great. $400. Call Ellen, 338-3959.

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