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March 9, 1998

UCSC forms partnership with Cupertino career center

By Barbara McKenna

A recent survey of assistant and associate professors revealed that many faculty accept jobs at UCSC with concerns about limited opportunities for their spouses to find jobs in the Monterey Bay Area. In response to these concerns, Academic Human Resources has established a partnership with the Career Action Center (CAC), a nonprofit Cupertino organization providing services to those seeking jobs or career changes.

The center provides career counselors, more than 200 career management workshops, an extensive reference library, information on regional companies and industries, and access to a wide array of job announcements.

Day passes to the center are available for use in recruiting and retaining faculty. According to Barbara Brogan, director of Academic Human Resources, UCSC is also working with the CAC to establish connections with other regional academic institutions to share information about academic job openings and spousal employment programs.

Another benefit of the partnership is that any UCSC employee may receive a discount on membership rates and services. For more information, contact Brogan at (408) 459-4219 or at bjbrogan@cats.ucsc.edu.

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