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January 26, 1998

Making the News

Economist Michael Dooley weighed in on the Asian banking crisis for National Public Radio's Morning Edition last week. . . . Also in econ, Lori Kletzer's latest research project--on the economic disparity between black and white women--was featured in the Santa Cruz County Sentinel.

The Register-Pajaronian wrote up a nice history of the UCSC Farm that focused on collaborations during the last decade with growers working in their own fields. Farm Extension coordinator Sean Swezey described how research is now conducted with both conventional and organic growers--and those making the transition from traditional to sustainable practices.

The New York Times published a letter to the editor by Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies, which asked the Clinton administration to cooperate with a request from a Guatemalan truth commission that has asked the United States to declassify information on the Central American nation's 36-year civil war, which was sparked by a CIA-orchestrated coup.

Cowell lecturer Ray Charland was pictured and quoted extensively in an article on the growing field of "life coaching" in the business section of the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. As a life coach, Charland, a trained therapist, helps his clients reach their professional and personal goals by providing regular support and encouragement.

The Monterey County Herald pulled out all the stops in its latest coverage of the Aromas School kids who've written a book about university life, running a nearly full-page spread complete with color photos. . . . The San Jose Mercury News also covered the story of seven of the kids, who traveled to Washington, D.C., to make a presentation at a national education conference.

The Orange County Register did a major story on a $75,000 Caltrans-funded study of how coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and other predators at the top of the food chain are adjusting as human development encroaches on their territory. The story, which was picked up by the Associated Press, quoted wildlife biologist Kevin Crooks, who is overseeing the southern California study.

The campus's partnership with San Jose's East Side Union High School District was mentioned in a San Jose Business Journal article about precollege programs and outreach efforts.

Chip Kobulnicky, a NASA Hubble postdoctoral fellow at UCSC, was featured in a story in his hometown paper, the Beacon-News of Aurora, Illinois. The astronomer visited his old high school to encourage students to continue their education and to work hard to achieve their dreams.

And the Chicago Tribune tapped Gary Griggs of the Institute of Marine Sciences for comment on an ocean side experiment that involves transporting sand from the Arizona desert to replenish the ocean side shoreline. Griggs cautioned that the investment doesn't add up to permanent protection. The story was picked up by the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin of San Bernardino County.

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