Volume 2
Number 7
September 22-28, 1997

Move-in weekend, student convocation launch 1997-98 year
Although students won't start classes until late this week, the year officially began this past weekend as 2,600 students moved into on-campus residences. Members of the campus community also attended the convocation for new students. (Click here to read a first-day fact sheet)

Book examines symbols, cultural significance of Mexican festival
A new book by UCSC anthropologist Olga Najera-Ramirez takes an in-depth look at a three-day festival commemorating the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

New internship program works with local businesses
In a unique partnership with its business neighbors, UCSC has created a new internship program subsidizing wages for students in the local workforce.

State to fund $250,000 Oiled Seabird Facility at Long Marine Lab
A $250,000 facility dedicated to the care and monitoring of oiled seabirds soon will arise next to the state's Oiled Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center at UCSC's Long Marine Laboratory.

UCSC celebrates 30 years of organic farming and gardening
Thirty years ago on a scrub-covered hillside of the young UCSC campus, Alan Chadwick planted a revolution in gardening. In October, the campus will honor Chadwick's legacy with a three-day anniversary celebration featuring the popular annual Harvest Festival and other activities (full schedule of events).

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