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September 22, 1997


Bryant Gumble's new CBS-TV show, The Public Eye, tapped psychologist Craig Haney for a lengthy on-camera interview regarding conditions in the country's super-maximum security prisons. Haney, who did the interview in the Cowell College Library, says the segment is scheduled to air sometime after the show's premiere in October.

Dateline NBC devoted a splashy 10-minute segment last week to an ongoing and innovative project involving Beaver, a male sea lion, and his trainer Jenifer Hurley, who earned her Ph.D. at UCSC recently. Hurley and project director Jim Harvey of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories envision that Beaver will follow whales underwater with a video camera. Beaver also is learning how to attach tracking tags to the whales' backs. Beaver and Hurley divide their time between tanks at Long Marine Lab and a sea pen near the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Also shown in the report was research assistant Stefani Wurts. You can see more about the project online at http://www.msnbc.com/news/107778.asp

"Impossible Planets," the colorful cover story in the September issue of Discover, features an extensive review of work by our own planetary theorist, astrophysicist Doug Lin. The article reviews attempts by Lin, UCSC's Peter Bodenheimer, and others to explain the strange lives of many of the new planets detected outside of our solar system within the last two years.

Anthropologist Alison Galloway found herself in the media spotlight after her analysis of the century-old skeletal remains found last year in Felton revealed that the individual may have been a woman. Stories appeared in the Santa Cruz County Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News, and on KSBW-TV and KGO radio.

Researchers in the lab of biologist Charles Daniel had their taste of fame recently in the Sunday pages of the Santa Cruz County Sentinel--three pages' worth, in fact, with many photos to boot. The article described day-to-day life in a laboratory devoted to basic and cutting-edge research about breast cancer. Featured prominently, in addition to Daniel, were researchers Gary Silberstein, Phyllis Strickland, Kathy Van Horn, Mike Lewis, Eva Robinson, Elizabeth Olson, and Chuck Sugnet.

Psychologist Aida Hurtado was mentioned in a Santa Cruz County Sentinel article about the recommendations of the Latino Eligibility Task Force, which urged, among other things, dropping the use of SAT scores in UC admissions. Hurtado was research director of the task force.

The second annual Fall Plant Sale sponsored by the Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden was a great success, thanks in part to generous coverage in the Sentinel. Garden writer Kathy Krieger also waxed poetic in a lengthy article about Alan Chadwick Garden Manager Orin Martin's appreciation of garlic.

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