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July 21, 1997

More top students plan to enroll at UCSC this fall

New data reflect overall increase in underrepresented minorities expressing intent to attend

By Elizabeth M. Irwin

There is an 85 percent increase in the number of Regents Scholars who have indicated an intent to enroll at UC Santa Cruz, from 23 in 1996 to 40 expected this fall. Regents Scholars intending to attend UCSC hold average Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores of 1,397 (out of a possible 1,600) and average grade point averages (GPAs) of 4.15. Of these students, more than 25 percent are from underrepresented minority groups.

In all, a total of 2,265 freshmen and 1,189 transfer students have indicated their intent to enroll at UCSC this fall. This is an increase of approximately 5.4 percent compared to last year. Presented through Statements of Intent to Register (SIRs), these acceptances of offers of admission typically result in slightly smaller numbers of actual enrollments. Although final enrollment figures canŐt be confirmed until after the third week of the quarter this coming October, university officials expect approximately 3,150 entering students to enroll in the fall, compared to 2,977 last fall, for a total enrollment of approximately 10, 500. Last fallŐs total enrollment was 10,215.

The Statements of Intent to Register show an increase among underrepresented students in all ethnic categories except for Chicano and Latino, compared to 1996. The largest increase is among Filipino American students, for whom the combined total of entering freshmen and transfer students is 110, compared to 83 last year. African American and American Indian students also reflect small increases, but there are 13 fewer Chicano and 2 fewer Latino students among those who have indicated their intention to enroll.

"I am encouraged that the campus met its enrollment goals and am particularly pleased that we continue to increase the number of top scholars planning to attend UC Santa Cruz,Ó said Michael Thompson, associate vice chancellor and director of enrollment management. ŇI am also pleased that we have increased the overall diversity of our entering class.Ó

Instruction for fall quarter at UCSC begins on September 25. For more information on undergraduate admissions, contact the Admissions Office, (408) 459-5453. For graduate admissions, contact the Office of Graduate Studies dean, (408) 459-2301.

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