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June 9, 1997

President Atkinson welcomes sixth-graders to UCSC during inaugural week

By Jennifer McNulty

[Photo of Atkinson and chancellor with Branciforte kids] UC President Richard Atkinson's visit to campus during Chancellor Greenwood's inaugural week included a meeting with local K-12 representatives, a visit to the Lick Observatory shops, and a welcome from Branciforte Elementary's graduating class (photos).

Dozens of sixth graders crowded the lobby of Social Sciences 1 on Thursday to greet Atkinson, Chancellor Greenwood, and Francisco Hernandez, vice chancellor for Student Affairs.

Greenwood introduced herself to the crowd and, gesturing toward Atkinson, explained to the kids: "He's my boss."

Students Lindsey Riege, Yahkira Levvi, and Jorge Hernandez presented Atkinson and each of the UCSC administrators with a copy of their school yearbook and a school sweatshirt. Jorge congratulated Greenwood on becoming the campus's first woman chancellor and thanked her for her support of local elementary schools, making his comments first in English and then in Spanish.

Greenwood presented the three students with UCSC baseball caps, and Hernandez encouraged them to visit the campus often.

Atkinson, who also attended a cabinet meeting with Greenwood during his visit, was visibly impressed by the youngsters and exclaimed "Fantastic!" upon receiving his sweatshirt. When he asked the students how many planned to attend the University of California, many hands shot up, and Atkinson beamed.

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