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Volume 1
Number 10
Dec. 9-15, 1996


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UC provost comments on court order prohibiting Prop. 209 implementation
Judge Henderson of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California issued a temporary restraining order on Friday, December 6, stopping implementation of Proposition 209 pending a December 16 hearing on a preliminary injunction.

Anthro lab manager joins mission to Croatia

[Photo of Josh Snodgrass]

The horrors of war became much more vivid for Josh Snodgrass recently when he spent three weeks on a humanitarian mission in Croatia, examining the remains of bodies recovered from a mass grave. (Click on photo for larger image.)


[Photo of Chancellor Greenwood at an AIDS vigil]

Chancellor Greenwood joined nearly 50 other members of the campus community in a candlelight AIDS vigil Wednesday, December 4. (Click on photo for full-length caption and additional photos.)

UC's chief state lobbyist visits the campus

The campus hosted Steve Arditti, UC's chief legislative advocate, last week as part of a campaign to gain stronger support for UCSC's interests in Sacramento.



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