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The following is a letter from Provost Judson King to UC chancellors regarding a temporary restraining order issued today (Friday, December 6, 1996) against the university. The restraining order, in effect until December 16, prohibits UC from implementing Proposition 209.

Mike Lassiter
Director, News & Communications

December 6, 1996


Dear Colleagues:

Judge Henderson of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California today issued a temporary restraining order against the University stopping implementation of Proposition 209 pending a hearing on a preliminary injunction now set for December 16. It seems that the only decisions between now and December 16 which might have been impacted by Proposition 209 involve undergraduate admissions and some graduate financial aid, both issues of serious concern to students and their parents. In light of this and in order to be fair to our students, I ask that you not make such decisions until after we know the results of the December 16th hearing.

We will be in touch with you immediately following the December 16th hearing to advise you about whether a preliminary injunction has been entered and to provide guidance as to how to proceed.

General Counsel advises that the order has no impact on employment, contracting, and graduate admissions programs which have already been changed as a result of SP-1 and SP-2.

Please direct any questions to Deputy General Counsel Morrison or Assistant Vice President Galligani.


C. Judson King
Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

cc: President Atkinson, General Counsel Holst

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