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April 9, 2001

Making the News

Economist Lori Kletzer's wage insurance proposal was written up in Business Week and she appeared on CNN's Financial News to discuss her proposal. Her coauthor penned an op-ed about their work for the Financial Times. Kletzer also taped a report for KCSN Radio and was interviewed by a Los Angeles Times reporter about her wage insurance proposal.

An article in the San Jose Mercury News SV magazine on a new children's park in San Jose included a photo and profile of public artist Nobi Nagasawa, who designed metal insect sculptures for the innovative park.

Research led by Harry Noller, Sinsheimer Professor of Molecular Biology, on the structure of cellular protein factories called ribosomes received widespread coverage in print and online media. Articles about the new findings appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Business Week magazine, and Chemical and Engineering News, as well as daily newspapers in Germany and Portugal. Online coverage included MS-NBC, ScienceNow, Science Daily, and BioResearch Online.

BBC Radio's "Leading Edge" program ran a report on galaxy formation featuring UCSC astronomers Sandra Faber, David Koo, and Raja Guhathakurta. The report covered the DEIMOS spectrograph being built at the UCO/Lick astronomy shops and how it will be used in a survey of distant galaxies led by UCSC researchers.

Environmental scientist Deborah Letourneau was interviewed by KION-TV for a story about the extensive use of genetically engineered crops.

Sociology lecturer Mike Males got a good run from an op-ed he wrote about drug use, which appeared in the Salinas Californian, the Tri-Valley Herald, and the San Ramon Valley Times.

Following the second school shooting in San Diego County, the New York Times ran a lengthy Q&A with psychology's Elliot Aronson about the work social psychologists have done to address critical social problems.

A Los Angeles Times reviewer gave a thumb's up to Danny Scheie's production of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors now in spring repertory in Glendale.

Professor of astronomy and astrophysics Stanford Woosley was quoted in a story in the San Francisco Chronicle on a new theory about the role of colliding neutron stars in the creation of heavy elements such as gold and silver. Woosley expressed skepticism, but admitted he was biased because "I have my own theories."

David Wellman was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about the sociological significance of a bank robber who defies racial categorization.

Conn Hallinan's latest opinion piece for the San Francisco Examiner addressed the folly of the Bush Administration's crusade to build a missile shield.

A new technique for analyzing DNA using a "nanopore detector," developed by graduate student Wenonah Vercoutere and others in the lab of David Deamer, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was covered by Science News magazine and Scientific American Online. Deamer was also quoted in stories in the San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, and other newspapers about a project investigating the origins of life on Earth in collaboration with researchers at NASA's Ames Research Center.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran an article about the Persian New Year celebration written by Nazee Depp, an information specialist at the Science Library.

The Center for Agroecology was mentioned in an article by the San Jose Mercury News garden writer as a good resource for classes and information on organic gardening, and Farm outreach coordinator John Fisher can be heard regularly on KWAV Radio, pitching public tours of the Farm.

Lingua Franca tapped political scientist Bob Meister for a story about university efforts to sell classes on the Internet. The article referred to UC's own systemwide "Tanner Report," which revisited the university's copyright policy, particularly regarding notions of fair use and ownership.

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