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Tree Planting

Local school children at an oak tree planting at Cowell College.

Local school children on hand for the 2007 Tour des Trees oak tree planting at Cowell College. An old heritage oak tree had fallen down at this site several years ago.

Trees are continuously planted on the UCSC campus as part of new construction projects and as part of routine facilities maintenance where trees die or are removed for safety reasons.

Over the past ten years, the number of trees planted in the developed areas of campus exceeds the number of trees removed.

In general, tree species native to this area are planted in and surrounding development. Appropriate ornamental species are also planted in the more structured, inner spaces of development.

Challenges in replanting

Protection from deer browsing: Young trees are very sensitive to loss of foliage, bark, and branch breakage due to deer browsing. The only trees that we plant that deer do not seem to browse are redwoods. Planting all other trees requires a stout cage be constructed 5-foot diameter and 5 feet tall.

Water for establishment: In our Mediterranean climate, planted trees require supplemental water for several seasons to survive the dry summer. Some ornamental species require permanent supplemental irrigation. Providing this water to newly planted trees can be a major challenge, depending on the site. We have had some success with direct fall seeding of acorns in protective tree tubes with no supplemental water, although growth is quite slow.

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Tree Stewardship

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