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February 12, 2001

Making the News

It was a banner week for the Psychology Department. Dominic Massaro hosted a crew from ABC's Primetime Live, which was covering Massaro's work at a school for autistic children. . . . Social psychologist Elliot Aronson was interviewed by the Sacramento Bee for a story about the power crisis in California, and his colleague Anthony Pratkanis was quoted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel's story about a study that suggests that reducing the hours children spend in front of the television can reduce their aggressive behavior. . . . Craig Haney was featured in a San Jose Mercury News article about death-row inmates who have asked to be executed rather than endure lengthy legal appeals.

Kevin Keedy, youth programs manager for the Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab, was interviewed on KSCO radio about the Otter Bowl, an academic competition for high school students sponsored by the center. The event was also covered by the San Jose Mercury News and the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Don Korycansky, a postdoctoral researcher working with assistant professor of Earth sciences Erik Asphaug, received a sudden flood of publicity for a paper he wrote a year ago that has yet to be published. The flood was unleashed by a BBC reporter who saw a draft of the paper on the web and wrote a story for BBC News Online. Korycansky's paper discussed the theoretical possibility of moving Earth's orbit using "gravity-assists" from asteroids. People may want to do this in a billion years or so when the Sun, growing brighter and hotter, would eventually burn the Earth to a crisp in its current orbit. The story was picked up by a range of news media, including CNN, KPIG radio, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Conn Hallinan of the journalism program wrote an op-ed for the San Francisco Examiner about the print media's efforts to undermine reports of the No Gun Ri massacre during the Korean War.

A story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about an alliance of fishermen who want to work with scientists and fisheries managers on the management of Monterey Bay fisheries included a quote from Mark Carr, assistant professor of biology.

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