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Opinion Policy

As part of its commitment to open communication at UCSC, Currents publishes opinion pieces in its online editions. Space limitations may often preclude the publication of such submissions in Currents' newsprint editions.

Current UCSC faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit opinion pieces for publication. Submissions from other University of California campuses or other academic institutions will also be considered. Anonymous submissions will not be published. The submittor's daytime phone number and/or e-mail address will generally not be published, but they must be submitted with opinion pieces.

Opinion pieces must be no longer than 700 words in length. They may cover a broad range of topics, including noncampus issues. Op-eds should be of broad interest and include thoughtful analysis of issues, often with statistical support and/or alternative proposals.

All opinion pieces are subject to editing and may not be published at all if Currents' staff judges them to be of insufficient interest to readers or inappropriate for a university publication. Opinion pieces containing personal criticism will not be published.

To avoid redundancy, Currents may also limit the number of opinion pieces it publishes on one subject or from one individual.

As a publicly funded publication, Currents is unable to publish advocacy opinion pieces regarding union or noncampus elections.

Opinion pieces should be submitted to Jim Burns, editor, on Macintosh or PC disks or through e-mail (jrburns@cats.ucsc.edu) by noon on Thursday before the following week's issue is published.

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