Administrative Messages

June 16, 1999

Re: TA vote to unionize

To: Campus Colleagues
From: M.R.C. Greenwood, Chancellor

PERB has just announced the results of the TA election at UCSC to determine whether or not Teaching Assistants want to be exclusively represented by the Association of Student Employees/United Auto Workers (ASE/UAW) for bargaining their wages, hours, and working conditions.

There were 388 eligible voters. Of these, a total of 231 (60%) voted, with two of the ballots challenged. Here are the results:

For UAW representation: 196 (85%)
No representation: 35 (15%)

Bargaining at all campuses is being coordinated through the Office of the President. To commence the process, the union must submit a demand to bargain. At this time, apparently no such demand has been submitted at UC Berkeley. However, the union is engaged in bargaining at UCLA.

Even as we begin to address the issues related to unionization, the university will do its utmost to maintain the excellence which characterizes education at UCSC. I urge all campus members to continue to unite through our shared commitment to provide an excellent education for all of our students, both undergraduates and graduate students.

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