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May 10, 1999

To: Campus Colleagues

Fr: M.R.C. Greenwood, Chancellor

Re: Vice chancellor appointment

Dear Colleagues:

I am delighted to announce that Mr. Ronald P. Suduiko has accepted my offer to join the UC Santa Cruz leadership team as Vice Chancellor, University Relations. As you will read in the news release copied below, Ron's background offers an outstanding array of skills for this position, and I am confident he will be an exceptional leader for the campus's fundraising and friendraising efforts that are so important for UCSC's future.

The selection committee, chaired by Vice Chancellor Francisco Hernandez, has done an excellent job, and I want to use this opportunity to convey my profound thanks for their efforts. The committee conducted a very effective national search, bringing to the campus a number of extremely well qualified candidates. Ron Suduiko's appointment results from their successful efforts--from which I anticipate the entire campus community will benefit for years to come.

Ron will be visiting the campus a couple of times before he officially begins his new position on July 15, and many of you will have the opportunity to meet him then. Please join me in welcoming our new colleague and his family to UC Santa Cruz.

May 10, 1999

Contact: Elizabeth M. Irwin 831.459.2495 / emirwin@cats.ucsc.edu


Ronald P. Suduiko held similar positions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts Foundation


SANTA CRUZ, CA--UC Santa Cruz Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood announced today the selection of Ronald P. Suduiko as Vice Chancellor, University Relations. The announcement follows a national search to fill this newly created position. Suduiko's official appointment will be considered by the University of California Regents later this month, and it is expected that he will join the campus's senior leadership team effective July 15. Tom Vani, Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services, has filled the position since December 1998 on an interim basis.

"I am extremely pleased to welcome Mr. Suduiko to UC Santa Cruz," noted Greenwood. "He brings a remarkable array of skills and relationships that will help complement the campus's ongoing initiatives as we plan for the next century. His leadership will be crucial for us as we expand our resources to meet the needs of the region, the state, and the nation. In particular, Ron offers an exemplary track record in fundraising and foundation work, corporate, government and community relations, and alumni development, and all of us at UCSC eagerly anticipate significant benefits from his leadership."

Suduiko also expressed enthusiasm. "It is a privilege to be joining Chancellor Greenwood and the UC Santa Cruz team," he said. "This is an exhilarating university whose faculty, staff, students, alumni, and volunteers have attained an outstanding record of achievement. I look forward to the exciting prospect of sustaining and advancing the excellence which characterizes UCSC and which attracted me to this position. I also am eager to begin working with my new colleagues and becoming, along with my family, an active member of the University of California and of UCSC's extended community."

The selection committee comprised representatives of faculty and staff from across the campus, plus representatives of the UCSC Foundation and UCSC Alumni Council. Professor Donald Brenneis, committee member, chair of the Anthropology Department and chair of the UCSC Graduate Council, commented, "Ron Suduiko brings intelligence, energy, and engagement--three striking qualities that will benefit the entire campus."

Since 1997, Suduiko has served as the CEO of the University of Massachusetts Foundation, an operation that serves the UMass system, comprising five campuses, including the flagship campus at Amherst. In that position, he forged new partnerships, both among the campuses and with leading corporate collaborators. Among his areas of responsibility were corporate and foundation relations, alumni development, scholarship funding, and endowment management to support an array of disciplines and projects.

"Ron Suduiko was instrumental in our highly successful effort to change the culture of giving to the University," noted William M. Bulger, president of the University of Massachusetts. "With Ron's skillful guidance, the University emerged from the shadows cast by private institutions throughout Massachusetts and attracted an unprecedented level of private support."

"He will be a valuable addition to UC Santa Cruz," Bulger added.

UCSC Foundation President George Malloch, another member of the selection committee, concurred. "I am very favorably impressed with Ron, and I am delighted he has accepted this appointment," Malloch said. "He will be a marvelous addition to the campus community and a great asset to the UCSC Foundation."

Prior to his term at UMass, Suduiko worked for 15 years with the President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and during seven of those years he also served as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the MIT Corporation. Specifically, from 1989-1997, Suduiko was Assistant to the President for Government and Community Relations. Among his achievements were development and implementation of strategies to advance the interests of MIT and other national research institutions at the federal level. His work, in alliance with MIT colleagues and other national universities, led to favorable relationships with the leadership of the U.S. Congress and various executive agencies.

That effort resulted in support for MIT's $260 million campus research budget and an improved general prognosis for research at American universities. In addition, he united with faculty, staff, and alumni to showcase the links among research, education, economic development, and federal investment in science and technology, and he was instrumental in addressing public policy issues regarding university-initiated technology transfer. While working with the office of the Chairman of the MIT Corporation, he was engaged in strategic planning and complex community and governmental communications. His program initiatives also included K-12 outreach and student, faculty, and staff community outreach initiatives. Suduiko also taught a freshman seminar course on public policy and served as a freshman advisor.

In noting Suduiko's appointment, MIT President Charles M. Vest said, "Ron Suduiko is a very effective member of the higher education community. He will represent and project the values of the university and build strong relationships with its government, business, and private constituencies. His working knowledge of government and community relations and skills in developing private support will serve UC Santa Cruz well. I personally enjoyed working with Ron at MIT very much."

A member of the Massachusetts state and federal bars, Suduiko served as Chief of Staff for Congressman James M. Shannon from 1978 to 1982, during which time he managed three successful congressional campaigns, administered Washington and district offices, and oversaw field operations, fundraising, media and press operations, and budgetary matters.

A native of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Suduiko earned a B.A. degree from Harvard University and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School. He and his wife Lois Graham have a son, Aaron, age 4 1/2. He also has two older children, Alyson, 23, a teacher of performing arts in Lexington, MA; and Stephen, 18, a student at Merrimack College.

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