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January 13, 1999


From: Chancellor Greenwood

Re: Human remains found at Fort Ord

Although final details are still being confirmed, it appears that the human remains discovered on the former Ft. Ord property were on land held by the University of California as part of the Natural Reserve System.

The FBI is in charge of the investigation, which it is conducting in cooperation with the police of the Presidio of Monterey and other Monterey County law enforcement agencies. At a press conference held a few minutes ago, the FBI confirmed that the investigation is being conducted very meticulously, and that it may take some time before identification of the body can be made. The FBI released no further detail at this time.

The case is being treated as a homicide, and there is news media speculation that this may be the body of Christina Williams, who disappeared in the general area last June.

This is a shocking and very sad discovery. Regardless of the final identification, there is tragedy here for some family--and I'm sure all of you share my concern and sympathy.

I wanted to provide this information directly, so that you would not be surprised with news reports. Again, please join me in a moment of sympathy for those affected by this discovery.

M.R.C. Greenwood

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