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November 30, 1998


Re: Campus Closure, December 1998 - January 1999: Additional Information

Since 1991 the UCSC campus has been closed during the holiday season. This year the campus will be closed during the period from December 24, 1998 (Thursday) through January 2, 1999 (Saturday)--ten days total.

This closure will be handled much as it was in previous years, with some housing areas and other buildings remaining open. Laboratory buildings will be partially operational due to the special needs of researchers and scientists, and some campus units' work schedules may require staffing during all or part of the closure. Fire, police, and environmental health and safety services will be provided to the campus community during this period, along with necessary utilities and other essential services.

The Vice Chancellors, Associate Chancellor, and Assistant Chancellors have authority to approve exceptions to this closure. For units or areas which need to remain open or staffed during part or all of the closure, unit heads are asked to send their requests for exception to the appropriate senior administrative officer no later than Monday, December 7. Senior administrative officers are requested to forward approved exceptions to Physical Plant Director Jim Hagler via campus mail or fax (x9-5121) to arrive no later than Wednesday, December 9 (8:00 AM). This will ensure that the open areas will receive heat and other necessary services during this period when most faculty, staff, and students are on vacation. During the week of December 14, a detailed list of exceptions to the campus closure will appear in Currents Online (URL: www.ucsc.edu/currents) in the Administrative Messages section.

If you have questions or would like further information on the campus closure, please call Director Hagler (x2238) on facilities-related matters or your service center's human resources coordinator on human resources policy issues.


Thomas Vani
Vice Chancellor
Business and Administrative Services

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