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April 20, 1999

Message from UCSC Educational Partnership Center

Dear staff and faculty colleagues:

The UC Santa Cruz Educational Partnership Center is soliciting Requests For Information (RFI) that would lead to proposals with Partnership Schools on programs to increase UC eligibility through K-12 collaborative activities. We have approximately $570,000 to use for Partnership activities. We encourage you to use your imagination to design innovative programs that would help us increase UC eligibility in one or more of our Partnership High Schools and feeder school systems. We are interested in supporting programs in which our faculty and staff engage directly with teachers and or students to increase academic achievement of low income/traditionally non-college-going groups of students.

The RFI will be reviewed by the Chancellor's Education Partnership Advisory Council working group and sent on to Partnership School planning committees to provide information to be presented to planning teams of Partnership Schools in our region. The planning teams are made up of school teachers, administrators, and parents as well as UCSC staff and faculty. The schools must provide a match for all of our funded projects so their input in the decision making is essential. The deadline for the RFI is May 6, 1999. The projects are funded for one year but may be renewed depending on available funding and evaluation of progress toward program goals. The projects should include student and/or teacher development activities. The suggested range of grants is $5,000 - $30,000. Decisions for funding will be made by June 15, 1999.

You will find a copy of the RFI on the EPC Web site. Copies of the RFI have been sent by attachment and hard copy to the offices of the deans and to members of the Chancellor's Education Partnership Advisory Council members. If you would like an email attachment of the RFI you may e-mail epc@cats.ucsc.edu to request a copy by attachment or fax or a hard copy by campus mail. The EPC phone number is (831) 460-3000. The e-mail address is epc@cats.ucsc.edu. We look forward to your participation in the RFI process.

Carrol Moran,
EPC Director

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