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November 10, 1998

To: The Campus Community

Re: Campus Closure 1998

This is to remind you about the upcoming campus closure. The Winter campus closure will occur from Thursday, December 24, 1998, through Saturday, January 2, 1999. In all, the campus will be closed for 10 days; four days are the scheduled holidays (December 24, 25, & 31, 1998, and January 1, 1999), three days are weekend days, and the remaining three days (December 28, 29, and 30) are "normal" workdays.

To cover "normal" workdays, staff employees (full-time) will be required to use 24 hours of vacation, compensatory time off, or leave without pay. Employees without sufficient accumulated vacation will be allowed to use up to three days of vacation leave prior to actual accrual. New employees who are normally required to wait six months before using accrued vacation will be allowed to use their vacation even if the required waiting period has not been completed. Part-time employees who are eligible for vacation may borrow vacation hours on a prorated basis in accordance with their percent of appointment. Employees scheduled to work on December 28, 29, and 30 will be compensated at their regular rate of pay.

Due to the diverse responsibilities of academic appointees and the flexibility in performing their obligations, it is anticipated that some academic appointees will continue working during the campus closure. Fiscal-year (eleven-month) appointees will be expected to use vacation for this period, if the closure precludes their working.

Campus service centers may refer to the Staff Human Resources (SHR) Procedures Manual, Campus Closure: Questions and Answers beginning on page F13-25 for additional information. If there are other questions, please contact your SHR Consulting Services analyst.


Willeen McQuitta
Director, Staff Human Resources

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