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To: The Campus Community
From: Business and Administrative Services

Re: Campus Closure

In addition to the scheduled 1998-99 holidays--December 24, 25, and 31, and January 1--and weekend days--December 26 and 27 and January 2--much of the campus will be shut down on December 28, 29, and 30. For safety reasons, Police and Fire units will be on duty throughout the shutdown period. In case of emergency, call the campus emergency number, 911. Minimal custodial service will be provided for those facilities that remain open. Building and Utility Services personnel will be on standby.

The following campus units have arranged to be open and/or have limited staff available during all or part of the shutdown. Except where noted, these arrangements cover the non-holiday weekdays (December 28, 29, and 30) during the shutdown period. For security reasons, buildings will not be routinely unlocked. Therefore, faculty and staff will need building keys or must make special arrangements to ensure access to their building.

At every college, utilities will be provided to residence halls, apartments, guest suites, faculty apartments, and college houses.

All campus units closing during this shutdown period are urged to make sure that computing equipment and refrigerators are shut down for maximum energy savings. If disposing of food from refrigerators, please place it in dumpsters to avoid pests and spoiled food in buildings. If you are working during the closure, please be sure to turn off lights, computers, and other electrical equipment upon leaving the area. Also, make sure doors are locked when you leave. To avoid fire hazard risks, please do not use electric space heaters during the shutdown.

Please note that buildings tend to take a significantly longer time to warm up after a shutdown even though the heating systems are on. You are encouraged to dress warmly when working in buildings that have been closed. The Heat Plant requests your cooperation and patience during the first week of January as buildings are brought back to their normal temperatures.

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