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December 1, 1998


Re: Academic and Administrative Calendar 1999-2000

After extensive consultation with various administrative offices I am pleased to transmit the Academic and Administrative Calendar for 1999-2000, available at http://reg.ucsc.edu/calendar.

The Academic and Administrative Calendar for 1999-2000 adheres to University of California mandates for days of instruction. Developing an Academic Calendar to meet the desire of various campus constituencies is difficult. The calendar this year allows for an early September start (Proposal B) and an early Spring end date (Proposal A). Both proposed end dates were modified to accommodate a 4 day final exam schedule. The Winter proposal was amended to begin on a Monday.

The addition of an Advising Day was incorporated on a Thursday to balance the loss of two Monday holidays. The Advising Day will give academic units the opportunity to present special advising colloquia on such topics as how to choose a major, how to declare a major, what opportunities for majors occur in each division, departmental advising, etc. In addition, we will schedule the annual Teaching Colloquium that afternoon which will enable both faculty and students to focus one day on discussions of teaching, advising and mentoring. In order to allow for a meaningful Spring break, Winter final exams are scheduled Thursday through Sunday.

As you may know, the calendar process has become increasingly cumbersome. To this end, I have asked AVCUE Goff and Registrar Rodriguez to co-chair a task force to draft guidelines to be submitted to me early in Winter quarter. The Task Force will include representatives from various campus committees, divisions, colleges, and administrative units. Once appropriate guidelines are in place, academic calendars can be prepared at least 3 years into the future without campus consultation.

I want to thank each of you who participated in the calendar review process, and look forward to seeing the draft guidelines the Task Force submits.


John B. Simpson
Executive Vice Chancellor

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