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August 11, 1998


From: UCSC Fire Department

Re: Controlled Burn Scheduled

Dear Campus Community:

Please be advised that on August 19, 1998, the UCSC Fire Department will conduct a Prescribed Burn on the upper campus. The burn is devised in cooperation with the UCSC Natural Reserves Director, UCSC Physical Plant, and Environmental Studies Department. Additional local agencies that are participating include the City of Santa Cruz Fire Department, California Department of Forestry, and the California Youth Authority.

The prescribed burn serves several important functions; primarily to reduce excess brush and fire danger in the campus wildland areas while providing an unique training opportunity for local fire departments and also to allow for ecological study of plant life comparisons prior to and following the burn.

This year's burn will be located in portions of Marshall Field, approximately 4 miles north on Empire Grade Road from the west entrance to campus, and will encompass some 50 acres. The burn is designed and executed with the cooperation of all participating agencies and is at all times conducted with the constant supervision of these agencies. The burn is facilitated by fire professionals who follow a strict strategy. The actual burn is performed sequentially in small controlled sections. It is anticipated that approximately 60 fire fighters will participate.

The burn is also subject to the Monterey Bay Pollution Control Board's approval and verification that the actual date of the burn will be declared a "burn day." The week prior to the burn, various on-site weather data is collected and compiled to further ensure a safe procedure.

Please be aware that some smoke may be detected on campus. In prior years the amount of smoke has not been significant. However, if you are sensitive to smoke or have concerns, you may wish to take precautions. If you have questions or would like further information, please call the Campus Fire Department at (831) 459-3473.

Fire Chief Hernandez
UCSC Fire Department

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