Administrative Messages

May 12, 1999

To: The Campus Community

From: Tom Vani, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services

Re: BAS reorganization announced

Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) and Fleet Services have been combined into a single unit called Transportation and Parking Services, which became effective on May 1, 1999. The director of the new Transportation and Parking Services unit is Wes Scott, formerly Fleet Services manager in Physical Plant. Director Scott will report to Chief of Police Jan Tepper.

Last July, TAPS was placed under Chief Tepper's direction to maximize coordination between parking services, parking enforcement, traffic and transportation planning, and special event traffic/parking control. Combining Fleet Services with TAPS will further improve service design and delivery by combining fleet maintenance and the campus's vehicle rental service with existing TAPS transportation programs.

Director Scott has proven management experience and an understanding of transportation issues through his participation on the campus Transportation Advisory Committee. He is also knowledgeable about alternate fuels programs and fleet management, and is committed to working collaboratively with the campus and regional community to improve upon the campus's successful transportation systems management program. For more information about TAPS and its programs, please visit the TAPS Web site.

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