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March 19, 1999


FR: Lisa Rose, Director of Materiel Management

Re: Administrative Unit Relocation/University Business Park


As you may have heard, several administrative units will be relocated into off-campus space on or near April 1, 1999. The units included in this move are: Accounting, Applications Development and Support (ADS), and Financial Information System (FIS). The relocation of these units to University Business Park (UBP), formerly Wrigley's, will make more space available to accommodate rapidly expanding campus academic activities. The relocation is likely to cause some initial inconvenience for some members of the campus community. No doubt, it will change the way in which the campus carries out some of its business. Be assured that all of us involved in the relocation are doing everything possible to minimize this inconvenience.

We have prepared responses to several questions we have received from the campus community concerning the relocation of the Accounting Offices to UBP. If, after reading the questions and answers, you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Sue Williams at suewill@cats.ucsc.edu.

The Accounting Office Relocation FAQ is located at: www.ucsc.edu/banner-manual/FISQA/acctmovefaq.htm

You can also access the FAQ from FISFAQ located at: www.ucsc.edu/banner-manual/FISQA/

Thank you very much in advance for your patience during the first few weeks in April when the move is taking place.

Lisa Rose

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