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November 9, 1998

Statement from President Atkinson to the UC community

The voters have spoken--and more than 62 percent of them have said "yes" on Prop. 1A. The bond measure passed in every county where there is a UC campus. Statewide, the 62.4 percent "yes" vote is the highest voter endorsement for a K-12/higher education bond measure in memory. It is a stunning victory for all California students and parents.

In approving the bonds, voters have made a wise investment, and we will ensure that the faith they have demonstrated by their vote is fully justified. To that end, the University of California will use the funds provided by the bond measure to:

My thanks and gratitude go to the many hundreds within the UC community who worked so hard on their own time to bring the facts of Prop. 1A to the people of California. You did a great job, and had a major role in this successful outcome.

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