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November 2, 1998

Fall enrollment figures on target for growth

By Jennifer McNulty

For the second year in a row, UCSC's third-week census figures reveal the highest enrollment in campus history. Total enrollment is set at 10,981, an increase of 343 students, or 3 percent, over last fall, according to the Office of Planning and Budget.

The total includes 7,243 continuing students, 230 returning students, and 3,508 new students. Undergraduates number 9,932, while graduate students total 1,049.

"We're on target for the growth that's planned for the campus," said vice chancellor for student affairs Francisco Hernandez. "The enrollment numbers reflect growing interest in the campus, and we're able to attract more undergraduates without sacrificing the quality of students."

Diversity remains an important goal for the campus, and Hernandez was pleased to note that UCSC increased the number of new undergraduates who identified themselves as Asian, Chicano, Latino, American Indian, and African American.

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