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September 21, 1998

Making the News

Psychologist Per Gjerde's fascinating study of early-childhood roots for adult depression was covered by reporters from the Associated Press and the Dallas Morning News. Their stories appeared in numerous papers, including the Sacramento Bee, the Chicago Tribune, the Miami Herald, and the Dallas Morning News. . . . Also in psychology, Anthony Pratkanis was interviewed by the Village Voice for a story about the growing use of surveillance cameras by police, store owners, and apartment managers in New York City.

Jody Greene, newly arrived in the Literature Department, was the subject of a feature story in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The story, which noted her extraordinary range of activities in recent years as a Yale student, Rhodes Scholar, sled dog trainer, mountain climber, and outdoor education teacher, also discussed her impressive academic career and her reasons for choosing UCSC over three other institutions that offered her jobs.

Political scientist Michael Urban has been providing regular on-air analysis of events in Russia for KPFK radio in Los Angeles, a Pacifica station. The show, Beneath the Surface, is syndicated to sister stations around the country.

Greta Gibson's new research project at Aptos High School, which focuses on the role peers play in academic achievement among students of Mexican descent, was featured in a front-page story in the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. . . . Sociologist Monica Casper also appeared on the front page of the Sentinel in an in-depth story about her new book on fetal surgery.

What is it about Paula Jones's nose? That was the question of a San Francisco Chronicle commentator, observing that ideals of beauty change from culture to culture. To help him prove his point, he turned to art historian Carolyn Dean, who noted that the Maya of Southern Mexico considered large noses a sign of strength and leadership. "Paula Jones would have made a beautiful Maya princess," Dean said.

The Monterey County Herald identified UCSC librarian Rita Bottoms as the catalyst for a recent Carmel exhibit of the photographs of the late Linda McCartney.

A Web site established by cancer survivors was featured in a story in the Monterey County Herald. Interviewed for the story was Betsy Moses, one of the site's creators who works in the Social Sciences Division.

Environmental studies grad student Grey Hayes is a key player in a controversy over a proposed housing development in Scotts Valley, reported the Santa Cruz County Sentinel. Hayes is petitioning the federal government to have the Ohlone tiger beetle, which lives on the development site, placed on the endangered species list.

Wendy Mink was mentioned in a San Jose Mercury News story about Barbara Boxer's reaction to the president's ongoing sex scandal.

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