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Campus Bookstore/Student Services and Graduate Student Commons Construction Project

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: What is planned for the campus bookstore and Whole Earth Restaurant area?

A: There are four main elements of this major new construction project (view drawings). These are:

Q: When will construction be finished?

A: Groundbreaking on the project took place in August 1998. The buildings are anticipated to be ready for occupancy and the plaza finished by spring 2000.

Q: How much does the project cost, and what are the sources of funding?

A: The total cost of the two new buildings and plaza is expected to be $13.5 million, which will be paid for in several ways.

Q: What will happen to the existing buildings in the area once the new construction is completed?

A: The Student Affairs Division, which is responsible for the two existing buildings, has not made a final determination about how the vacated buildings will be used.

Q: Are the Bay Tree Bookstore, the Whole Earth Restaurant, and the ATM machines open for business during construction?

A: Yes. The two businesses and the ATM machines will remain open and continue to be accessible via pathways from Hagar Drive, Steinhart Way, and the Classroom Unit Building, and via buses and shuttles (see below).

Q: Where can I park during construction?

A: There is one parking space for disabled persons in front of the Whole Earth Restaurant. Visitors may use the East Field House lot, where some additional metered spaces will be added, and the metered lot in front of the Hahn Student Services Building. People with parking permits may use one of the "A," "B," or "C" lots at Cowell and Stevenson; the "A" lot at Hahn; or the East Remote lot--where the attendant-parking program will be expanded to accommodate anyone who wishes to park in that area.

Q: Will all of the parking spaces formerly located in the area return once construction is completed?

A: Approximately 16 parking spaces are expected to return once construction is completed. No "A" permit parking is planned for the area. The decision to site these new buildings on the existing parking lot was in keeping with the campus's Long-Range Development Plan (LRDP), which calls for an emphasis on the use of infill sites (including parking lots) for new campus construction projects. Further, the LRDP calls for constraints on the provision of close-in parking and an emphasis on remote parking, in conjunction with improvements to the campus shuttle system and other transportation alternatives.

Q: What about shuttle services?

A: Shuttles continue to drop off and pick up passengers in the bookstore lot as before, and there is improved shuttle service between the East Remote lot and the campus core. TAPS estimates a shuttle or transit bus will stop at the lot every three to five minutes while school is in session.

Q: Can I still walk through the area?

A: People are not allowed to walk through the construction site. To accommodate those who normally would have walked through the former parking lot area, the southbound (downhill) lane of a section of Hagar Drive will be converted into a pedestrian pathway. Several pathways near the bookstore area have also been closed.

Q: Which section of Hagar Drive will be closed to cars while construction is under way?

A: The southbound lane of Hagar Drive from McLaughlin Drive to the stop sign at Steinhart Way is scheduled to be closed to vehicular traffic starting in fall 1998. The rest of Hagar, between Steinhart and Coolidge Drive, will remain a two-way road.

Q: May bicyclists use the new pedestrian pathway on Hagar?

A: Bicyclists may walk their bikes on the pathway or use alternate routes to leave campus. They may continue to ride up Hagar Drive and down the two-way section of the road.

Q: Will events continue to take place in the Upper Quarry Amphitheater?

A: Events traditionally held in the quarry--commencements, convocations, theatrical performances, and special lectures--will be relocated while construction is under way.

Q: Does the project fit in with UCSC's plans for campus development?

A: Definitely. The campus's Long-Range Development Plan (LRDP) Implementation Program, adopted in 1993 and based on the campus's 1988 LRDP, describes a two- or three-story bookstore, pedestrian plaza, and student-related facilities creating a gateway to the Upper Quarry.

Q: Who designed the bookstore and Graduate Commons buildings?

A: Esherick Homsey Dodge and Davis (EHDD), an architecture, graphic, and interior design firm based in San Francisco, designed the buildings and plaza. The firm's previous projects include UCSC's Stevenson College and Science Library, as well as the Monterey Bay Aquarium and libraries for UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: For questions regarding construction on the project, call Physical Planning and Construction at (831) 459-2170. For questions about parking and other transportation issues, including shuttle routes and schedules, call Transportation and Parking Services at 459-2190 or access www2.ucsc.edu/taps.

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