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August 24, 1998

NASA Ames staff tour UCSC labs, facilities

By Francine Tyler
NASA Ames staff and administrators toured UCO/Lick Labs during their August 21 visit.

Representatives of the NASA Ames Research Laboratory received a warm welcome from the UCSC community when they visited campus laboratories and facilities last week. The tour was part of an ongoing effort to build partnership ties between UCSC and the research laboratory in Mountain View.

The eight NASA Ames representatives toured UCO/Lick Laboratories, the Institute of Tectonics' W.M. Keck Seismological Laboratory and Mineral Physics Laboratory, and Long Marine Laboratory during their half-day visit on Friday, August 21. They also heard presentations from faculty on the Jack Baskin School of Engineering and about UCSC's research in astrobiology and earth sciences.

The NASA Ames visitors included:

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