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August 24, 1998

Making the News

On the eve of Bill Clinton's grand jury testimony, political scientist Wendy Mink was asked by the New York Times to write an op-ed about the extraordinary events in Washington of late. That led to a similar request from the San Jose Mercury News, an interview with CBS News Radio, and a call from Dateline, among other media calls.

Also on the national front, Jim Leap of the Center for Agroecology was interviewed for CBS radio's Osgood Files about small-scale farming and community-supported agriculture.

On the book front, Marc Mangel's The Ecological Detective received a favorable review in a recent issue of Science magazine, and sociologist Bill Domhoff's latest books, Diversity in the Power Elite and Who Rules America?: Power and Politics in the Year 2000, were featured in the book column of In These Times.

An article in the Los Angeles Times about the return of bald eagles to southern California quoted Brian Walton, coordinator of the Predatory Bird Research Group.

Sociologist Melanie DuPuis fielded a call from the Yakima Herald about goings-on in eastern Washington's dairy industry.

Robert Anderson, professor of earth sciences, and Gary Griggs, director of the Institute of Marine Sciences, were both quoted in an article in the Monterey County Herald about the impact of a rise in sea level on the Central Coast.

The Monterey County Herald also featured IMS research biologist Don Croll in an article about the abundance of blue whales in Monterey Bay this summer.

Cosmologist Joel Primack, professor of physics, was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle article about the recent discovery that neutrinos, a type of subatomic particle, have mass. Primack was also quoted in an article about religion and science in Newsweek magazine.

Environmental toxicologist Donald Smith, assistant professor of biology, was quoted in the San Ramon Valley Times in an article about the ineffectiveness of some water filters at removing lead from drinking water.

John Wilkes, director of the Science Communication Program, was quoted in an article about careers in science journalism in the scientific journal Nature.

Geoffrey Dunn's summer course at UCSC, From Hanoi to Hollywood: The Vietnam War on Film received mention in a New York Times article last fall on the growing popularity of the war as an object of study. Dunn is the executive director of Community Television in Santa Cruz.

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