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August 10, 1998

Book collection outgrows McHenry Library

By Barbara McKenna

This past year the University Library collection grew by some 40,000 volumes (8,000 of which were gifts), bringing the current total of the library collection to 1.2 million books. With such robust growth taking place, it's no surprise that shelf space has become something of a precious commodity, especially in McHenry Library. So, last month, library staff loaded up 48 book trucks and shipped some 12,700 books from McHenry over to the Science Library.

The books all came from fourth-floor stacks at McHenry. According to library sources, the books that were transferred were carefully selected as those that would best complement the Science Library's collection. The move opens up much-needed space on McHenry Library's fourth floor for the growing humanities and social science collections, and library staff note that the shift will actually consolidate holdings in some subject matter, making access more convenient for science researchers.

All materials with call numbers beginning with Q and R are now in the Science Library and the psychology and psychiatry resources classified as "medicine" are now also all housed at the Science Library (see details). Duplicate titles that have call numbers beginning with Q are being recycled to California State University, Monterey Bay. Records in Cruzcat have already been updated to display the new locations.

For more information, call Deborah Turner, acting head of Access Services, Room 215, McHenry Library, (831) 459-5114.

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