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August 10, 1998

Campus announces new major in German studies

By Barbara McKenna

Beginning this fall, students will be able to earn a degree in German studies. The major, which will be administered by the History Department, was recently approved by the Office of Planning and Programs.

"This step makes sense," said associate professor of history Mark Cioc. "We have an extraordinary number of Germanists here, able to offer a broad-based program in German studies."

Cioc is one of several faculty who will oversee the program. He noted that a comprehensive German studies program has been in place at UCSC for the past two years, graduating approximately six students in each of those years.

The major emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing the fields of literature, politics, history of consciousness, philosophy, art history, women's studies, and language studies. Students in the major will be encouraged to make use of the campus's Education Abroad Program, studying in Germany over the course of their undergraduate career.

The faculty overseeing the new program are Cioc, associate professor of literature Loisa Nygaard, associate professor of German literature Richard Murphy, professor of history of consciousness Gary Lease, and assistant professor of women's studies Tina Campt.

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