Volume 3
Number 2
July 27-August 9, 1998

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Major construction work about to begin in center of campus
In less than two years, UCSC will boast a modern bookstore, a graduate student center, and an attractive pedestrian plaza in the area currently occupied by the Bay Tree Bookstore and Whole Earth Restaurant. This new construction will create a lively center for campus activity, but while work is underway, the project will affect parking and transportation at UCSC. (Artist's rendering).

Eleven students receive $20,000 scholarships to attend UCSC

AVC for undergraduate education, three provost posts filled

Study dispels myth that immigrants displace black-owned businesses

UC to offer 'master of advanced study' degree

Community reception to feature sustainable agriculture

Summer Session's second set of courses to begin in August

Agroecology offers new classes on healing plants and medicinal herbs

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Last Updated: 07/24/98