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June 13, 1998


Last fall it took The Village, a hostel, and a Host Home Program to accommodate the need for housing UCSC students. This year it will take all of us contributing even more!

I'm excited that the campus has the highest ever number of new freshmen choosing to enroll in the fall and that retention of our continuing students is increasing. However, the highly competitive local rental market means that we face an even more difficult housing "crunch" next fall. We continue to use residence hall lounge space to house two to four students, large numbers of triple rooms in apartments and residence halls have been assigned, and some single rooms have been converted to doubles. The hostel, operated by Community Rentals, will again be available September 8 through October 11. And, through the "Slug Housing Partnership Program," several local motels will be renting rooms to students during fall and winter quarters. All this helps, but we still have students on waiting lists who need a permanent or temporary place to live in the fall.

Please consider hosting a student through UCSC's Community Rentals Host Home Program. Lynn Galiste, Philosophy Department, recalls her experience housing students: "Both Christine and Rick are delightful people. They enriched my household with their youthful enthusiasm. So much so that I asked Rick to move in until year's end."

You, too, can find out what its like to share your home with a UCSC student. The attached Host Home Interest form gives you the opportunity to describe your household and what accommodations you can provide. Also attached are host guidelines, including a recommended weekly rate, and a sample room rental agreement. I encourage you to talk to your family, look around your home, and find a place for one of our students. Matching of students to hosts will begin mid August.

Given the increased enrollment numbers and the demand for housing by continuing students with guarantees, our commitment to house all new freshman who want to live on campus will be challenged this fall. Therefore, the highest priority for this program will be given to new freshmen on waiting lists. New transfer students, as well as other continuing students on housing waiting lists, will also have priority for the program. In addition, other students searching for housing in the off-campus community often need a temporary place to stay.

I'm sure you'll have a rewarding experience and increase your awareness of student issues. I appreciate your willingness to band together to help retain our students.


M.R.C. Greenwood

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