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July 13, 1998


Marc Mangel, a professor of conservation biology, is among a select group of researchers being honored by their peers in statistical ecology this summer at an international meeting in Florence, Italy. Mangel will receive the Distinguished Statistical Ecologist Award on July 20 from the Statistical Ecology Group of the International Association for Ecology. The international group meets every four years.

The awards were established in 1986 to honor "outstanding contributions to the development of basic concepts and applications of statistical ecology." The awards recognize the cross-disciplinary focus of statistical ecology and are given to academic, governmental, and industrial scientists working on problems in the field. Mangel is one of 25 recipients being honored this summer.

Mangel, who will not attend the awards ceremony because he is hosting an international meeting on foraging at UCSC July 22­24, is the coauthor of The Ecological Detective: Confronting Models with Data. The book offers ecologists the tools to apply more sophisticated statistical methods to their data. The book is designed to provide a link between standard ecological modeling, or theoretical ecology, and serious statistical texts. The title refers to the work ecologists do collecting clues and assembling them into a coherent picture.

UCSC Extension was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the California Department of Transportation "Adopt-A-Highway" program for outstanding service in helping the Department of Transportation maintain the beauty of California's roadsides through adoption of state Highway 17 in Santa Cruz County. The extension's crew of hard workers was led by purchasing manager Elisabet Hiatt.

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