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June 7, 1999

Summer features full docket of construction projects

By Francine Tyler

A full summer construction schedule follows a busy 1998-99 academic year for Physical Planning and Construction and Physical Plant. The following is a listing of projects that are either under way or scheduled to start during the summer months.

Bay Tree Bookstore expansion and Graduate Commons

Work crews will erect exterior and interior walls this summer for the 6,600-square-foot commons and 30,000-square-foot bookstore. The commons will offer office and recreational space for graduate students and space that will be occupied by the Whole Earth Restaurant. The new Bay Tree Bookstore building will feature an expanded selection of books, supplies, and services, and its third floor will feature office space for an expansion of student services, four conference rooms, and two outdoor decks. A pedestrian plaza is also planned. The projects, totaling $13.5 million, are expected to be completed during spring 2000.

Interdisciplinary Sciences Building

Construction is expected to start late this summer on a new Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, which will be built as an addition to the eastern end of Natural Sciences 2. The building will provide 34,137 assignable square feet of teaching, laboratory, research, office, and support space for the Environmental Studies, Astronomy, and Physics Departments. Construction on the $16.5 million project is expected to be completed by fall 2001.

Seymour Marine Discovery Center

Construction is expected to be completed in June on the $6.25 million Seymour Marine Discovery Center next to Long Marine Lab. The center features 15,000 square feet of exhibit, aquarium, auditorium, meeting, and office space, including a 1,300-square-foot marine sciences teaching lab. The project was developed by the UC Santa Cruz Foundation. Over the summer months, crews will landscape the site, do interior finishing work, and install exhibits and furnishings. In late summer, work crews will install sewer and natural gas lines under-neath the roadways to the Discovery Center and Long Marine Lab.

OPERS (Office of Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports) Facilities

Crews will do interior finishing work, landscaping, and resurface a service road this summer for the new 10,600-square-foot weight-training and fitness center for the Office of Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports. Construction on the $4 million facility is expected to be completed and exercise equipment installed in September. A pool storage building and a dry-land training area for swimming and water polo will also be completed during the summer months.

College Nine Apartments

Construction will continue through the summer on the College Nine Apartments, located north of the existing Colleges Nine and Ten academic buildings. The $20.76 million project will provide housing for 280 undergraduate students.

Improvements to Arts Facilities

During the month of June, work crews will continue to make alterations to former music spaces in the Performing Arts area to equip them for theater arts use. The bulk of the Improvements to the Arts project was completed earlier this quarter. Mt. Hamilton Infrastructure Improvements Work started this spring on the second phase of improvements to facilities on Mt. Hamilton, where Lick Observatory is located. These improvements include replacing electrical and fire-alarm systems and renovating deteriorated roads. They are expected to be completed in spring 2000. The projectÕs first phase was completed last fall, and included replacing septic systems and heating systems in residences and removing underground fuel tanks.

For more information, on the projects listed above, see the Physical Planning and Construction Web site.

Road resurfacing and repair projects

Physical Plant will resurface or repair several campus roads this summer. These include McLaughlin Drive, from the bridge east of Science Hill to Heller Drive, and including the service road to Natural Sciences 2 and the road to Applied Sciences; Steinhart Way, from the McLaughlin intersection to the bookstore parking lot; and Heller Drive, from the College Eight entrance to the McLaughlin Drive intersection.

Roof-repair projects, renovations

Physical Plant plans roof work for Hahn Student Services, the Communications Building, the Performing Arts buildings, the Central Garage, and the East Field House dance studio and activity building. In addition, crews will renovate restrooms in the Crown College academic building and replace windows in Porter College Building D.

For more information about the Physical Plant projects listed above, call Henry Salameh at (831) 459-3365 or send e-mail to salamehh@cats.ucsc.edu.

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