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May 31, 1999

UCSC expects 2,542 students in this fall's freshman class

'Intent to register' statements reflect growth management strategies; number of Regents Scholars has nearly tripled in four years

By Jennifer McNulty

A total of 2,542 students have indicated they are planning to attend UC Santa Cruz as freshmen this coming fall. The comparable figure at this time last year was 2,531 students. The entering class will be about as ethnically diverse as last year's, and the number of Regents Scholars has increased to 46 from 38 last year.

For the first time in many years, UCSC was unable to accommodate all of the eligible students who applied to the campus and had to turn away academically qualified students. A total of 14,366 students applied to UCSC for enrollment this fall.

"We've entered a period of managed growth during which we will not be able to offer admission to all students seeking enrollment at UCSC," said J. Michael Thompson, associate vice chancellor for outreach, admissions, and student academic services at UCSC. "We are continuing to attract a diverse and accomplished class."

Actual enrollment numbers for freshmen--and the entire student body--will not be known until classes begin this fall. But UC's Office of the President reports that UCSC received 2,542 "intent to register" notices from prospective freshmen. High school seniors who had been accepted to the campus had until May 1 to file a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) form.

Of the total number of freshman SIRs received by UCSC, 843 identified themselves as African American, Chicano, Latino, American Indian, Asian/Asian American, or Filipino/Filipino American, compared to 860 in these ethnic groups last year. Although not underrepresented in the UC system, Asian/Asian American and Filipino/Filipino American students are underrepresented at UCSC.

A three-year summary prepared by the UC Office of the President indicates that the ethnic profile of incoming freshmen at UCSC has become increasingly diverse since 1997, when 708 students identified themselves as belonging to one of the six groups mentioned above.

Among the students who have indicated their intention to enroll at UCSC this fall are 46 Regents Scholars. Among the most academically accomplished high school graduates, these students will receive UC's most prestigious scholarship, which covers all university fees for four years. The number of Regents Scholars who have accepted UCSC's offer to enroll has nearly tripled since 1995, when 16 students enrolled. This year's Regents Scholars have an average grade-point average of 4.2 and average SAT scores of 1429.

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