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May 31, 1999


[Photo of the book cover of Music in Latin American Culture: Regional Traditions ]

Associate professor of music John Schechter is the editor of Music in Latin American Culture: Regional Traditions (Schirmer Books, 1999), for which he has also authored an introductory and a concluding chapter. The book and an accompanying CD offer an in-depth look at the musical cultures of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

The book is written for undergraduate students by experts in the field of ethnomusicology. Each author focuses on a specific musical culture, examining such topics as community, history, dialect, traditions, new forms of music, rituals, instrument manufacturing, and the performers themselves. Schechter's contributions focus on Latin American musical culture and transnational and transcultural traditions

The Regional History Project announces the fall 1999 publication of Kenneth S. Norris: Naturalist, Cetologist, Conservationist, 1924-1998. Ken Norris was a scientist/naturalist, teacher, and conservationist but, above all, he was an extraordinary human being with a rare blend of genius, optimism, and belief in the human spirit. This 400-page oral history volume is a tribute to his life.

The book is being published in quality paperback, with quantities being determined by demand. The cost is $20 (plus tax) until November 1, 1999, after which it is $24. To receive a first edition of the book (publication date August 1, 1999), payment must be made by July 1; orders received after that date will be processed for an early fall publication date. Orders can be made online at bob.ucsc.edu/library/reg-hist/ or by calling (831) 459-2847.

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