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May 31, 1999

Conference season keeps UCSC busy during summer months

By Francine Tyler

Some 10,000 visitors from 30 different countries are expected to come to UCSC this summer to participate in nearly 60 camps, conferences, institutes, and outreach programs.

The 10-week conference season lasts from June 20 to August 28 this year. Its diverse offerings range from a conference focused on the origins of the universe to youth camps for academics or sports.

The conference program generates roughly $3 million annually for UCSC. Conference guests purchase food and services from the campus and occupy the 2,400 beds at UCSC's eight residential colleges. Income from the summer season helps to offset room-and-board rates charged to UCSC students by about $200 each year. Income is also returned to UCSC's colleges to help support student programs.

Approximately 60 percent of summer bookings come from UCSC Extension, Summer Session, and academic programs sponsored by faculty and staff. Sports teams, businesses, youth groups, and government and professional organizations make up the remaining 40 percent.

For information about this summer's conferences or about services offered by the Conference Office, call (831) 459-2611 or go to www.ucsc.edu/conference. This year's conferences include:

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